Organize Todays Emails

Email overload is a common struggle in today's workplace. To tackle this issue, we can utilize our Gmail Integration! This will provide you with a personalized recap of your last 2 days of emails. Cognosys will break down this objective and first analyze your emails from the time window given. After your emails are analyzed, a summary will be provided and the important emails will be labeled as "important" in your inbox for your reference later! Also, as we're still early in development for Gmail integration, we have limited the number of emails we can index through per task to be 10-30 emails in order to improve performance for now.



Copy this prompt, replace placeholders with relevant text, and click ”Use prompt” in the right, top corner for an efficient and streamlined experience.


Make sure to head to "settings" -> "integrations" and connect your Gmail to allow Cognosys, to accomplish any email related tasks!

Give me a summary of all my emails from today and yesterday. If there are any important ones, mention them, and then label it as 'important'.


This is the series of tasks Cognosys will perform to successfully accomplish the defined objective. You will be able to edit and add tasks when running your prompt.


Read, summarize, and label all the emails received today

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