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Compile a comprehensive report on Tesla's market performance and future outlook


Every week, send me a market research report on the latest trends in AI tech


Summarize my emails from today, and notify me what's important.


Whenever i get a customer support email, draft a response for me

Dont just ask questions, give objectives.

Cognosys can do more than answer questions. It's capable of breaking down complex objectives by creating tasks for itself and accomplishing them autonomously.

Conduct an in-depth market analysis of the sustainable packaging industry in North America. Include trends, consumer preferences, regulatory challenges, industry players, and future growth opportunities.

Comprehensive Research Analysis on Sustainable P...

Research current trends in the sustainable packaging industry within North America.
Investigate consumer preferences related to sustainable packaging in North America.
Examine the regulatory challenges and compliance issues faced by the sustainable packaging industry in North America.
Identify key industry players and their market positions within the North American sustainable packaging industry.

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Conduct comprehensive analysis & competitive research in minutes

Connect your favourite apps in one place

Cognosys acts as a central hub for your work, seamlessly communicating between your favorite apps and giving actionable insights


Runs one time

Scheduled Workflow

Runs at a set time

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Runs when a specific event occurs

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Keep your assistant always on, working for you 24/7 with automated workflows.

every morning at 8AM, send me a summary of yesterdays news

Daily News at 8AM

  • Conduct a quick interest search to find a summary of the last day’s news

  • Notify the user via email with the summary of last day’s news at 8AM

when I receive a new email, label as 'work' or 'personal'

Daily News at 8AM


When I get a new email

  • Retrieve all new incoming emails

  • Label all retrieved emails as ‘work’ or ‘personal’

Integrated with your favourite tools

Connect your Notion and Gmail to accomplish even more.


Retrieve Notion
Draft email in Gmail

Make time for what matters, let AI handle the hard work

Operations shift from production to strategy
Source: Gartner
Productivity improvement
Source: NNGroup, MIT
Higher-quality task output
Source: Harvard

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