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Oct 31, 2023
Writing & Web Search Improvements

This last week we have drastically improved the quality of task responses on our platform, and this is due to the improvements made to web search, writing, and better context transfers between dependent tasks. Let’s quickly dive into what’s changed:

  • Improved Web Search:

    • Previously, a task using web search would limit itself to considering up to 15 sources. But now, it’s a lot more dynamic based on the type of query and sources it can consider.

  • Improved in-line citations and references on claims:

    • We now also provide better referencing and in-line citations for you to really dig-deep on any specific claims made in the response.

  • Improved writing & Improved context transfers between tasks:

    • This improvement is not limited to web search; with our new and improved way of transferring contexts between tasks, your writing tasks can do the same based on previous research.