Feb 8, 2024

Streamlining Productivity: Workflows at Cognosys

How Cognosys uses agents to build autonomous workflows



Streamlining Productivity: Workflows at Cognosys

From beta to 2.0, our journey has been a learning experience. The innovative nature of AI meant there were few existing design systems to follow, which made user research crucial. And so, after our launch on January 9, we made it our mission to understand our users before making any design decisions—through user interview calls, email surveys, and more. Today, we are excited to launch our new and improved adaption of Workflows, inspired by your feedback!

We believe true innovation comes with its challenges, and we quickly realized one area needed serious work: our Workflows. Workflows are the heart of our platform, and the feedback was clear – they weren't as intuitive as they needed to be.

We dove back in, completely rethinking workflows with a focus on simplicity and transparency. It wasn't enough to show results, we wanted you to see how everything worked step-by-step.

So, what's new with our workflows?

Previously, Workflows lived on the right side of the chat and would run behind the scenes. Now, Workflows will now appear directly in your chat, and users can read along as it happens—same functionality, but hopefully a clearer process (especially on mobile devices!).

We've also made the Workflow page completely shareable. You can now view executed outputs in a single, easily digestible page. Sharing these workflows is as simple as sharing a link, facilitating effortless collaboration.

We hope these changes improve your user experience!

We're optimistic that these changes will enhance your experience, and hopefully moving us in the right direction toward an intuitive AI platform. We strive to make every update thoughtful and carefully crafted—however, if you have any feedback, we are all ears on Twitter and Discord!

- The Cognosys Team

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